Stuck At Stage 4

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

The 5 Stages Of Grief
1. Denial
"This isn't happening, no please, not to me."
2. Anger
"I need to blame something and or somebody,
even if that some one should happen to be yours truly."
3. Bargaining
As a last resort, I beg hypocritically
to a God which to me had always been mythology,
"I'll do anything if You can make all of this never to have been.
I'll never survive this trauma of such emotional pain.
I'll believe and follow You, spread Your Word for all eternity,
if You could find it in Your Heart to relieve me from my grief."
4. Depression 
Give all of the above another repeat
and then multiply that by infinity.
5. Acceptance
" Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever Will Be Will Be."
The above are The 5 Stages Of Grief as interpreted by me,
and I'll say it again like I've said it so many other times before,
I've never reached stage 5. I remain stuck at stage 4.