Love Lost

Written by: Travis Johnson

She use to say she loved me
Every morning
I guess her feeling changed
Am I to blame? 
My day don't start with kisses
Now it's boring
There's no sex at night
No hugs before good-byes
Sometimes I feel like she don't need me 
She don't want me
But how do I know? 
Where did the affection go? 
And now I'm feeling empty 
And so lonely
She's here with me
But she's not here with me…
If you looked in my eyes deeply
To my soul
There will be a sorrow stained 
Right next to my pain
At night I watch her sleeping
And I know
She is the only one I love
But is that enough? 
I'm dying by suffocation
And it hurts
I'm crying in this room
Not knowing what to do?