Written by: Romeo Della Valle

Since the first time
 I saw your beautiful eyes,
 I have being honestly shaking,
 At first glance
 They successfully
 Hypnotized me..

 Those eyes that to me reveal
 The questions they would ask
 And answers they plead for
 Which my own cannot grasp...

 I want to know
 O f what substance they are made
 Currently cutting my soul
 Causing it to bleed...

 But wandering gazes
 Incriminate me...
 Of what? sensing my

 Faithless anxiety
 Esteeming my open wounds
 Strings of love-fly away
 Letting it go like hot balloons...

 O! those beautiful eyes
 Whose bewitched me so dearly,
 And are already gone
 But, ironically, I still recall....

 Romeo Della Valle
 (c)All Rights Reserved 2013
 New York City