I'm Sorry Pt 2

Written by: Travis Johnson

Baby sit down
Let me tell you what happen
It seemed for that moment
Your boy was jus nappin
She came in the room
Cryin real hard
I told her to talk to me
Tell me how it start
Before she even said a word
We’re kissin on the counter
For the moment I imagine it was you
I was holdin in the shower
I never seen it comin 
And im sorry this I gotta tell you
She’s pregnant with my baby 
And its due in june
It was jus one time 
And I never did it again
But she sent me this letter
Still the words are in my head
 Now its off my chest 
Baby tell me what your thinkin
Tell me whats on your mind
Tell me how much of me you really hate
She has her guy
And I should be all alone
But baby please forgive me
Please done leave me and go
You are my only one
And I promise theres no other
Now thats all that I can say
And I promise there wont be another