I'm Sorry Pt 1

Written by: Travis Johnson

I’m sorry for everything I did
For everything I didn’t say
Girl I love you 
And I never meant for it to turn this way
I wanna be with you
And I need to apologize
I’ll do it again
Say I’m sorry over a thousand times
I knew I hurt you
Once I heard you cry and seen your tears
Then I seen it 
Everything I worked hard for jus disappear 
I want it back, I want
All your love and all your trust
I will do everything 
I jus will never give up
I’m so sorry
I will go to the bottom of the ocean
Travel to the farthest star
Jus to hear you say
That you still love me girl
And to hear that
You still want to be in my world
Baby, please stay
Please don’t turn around
Give me a chance to say
How it all went down….