I'm So

Written by: Travis Johnson

I’m so sad
I’m so mad
That I let my baby get away
I am searching around the world
Tryna find my girl
I’m jus looking for my babe…
I’m so scared 
I cant bare
Jus sitin here bein alone
I am sitin inside
Cause its raining outside
Now this house is not a home…
I’m so lost 
I will pay the cost
For her to come back through the door
I’ve been walkin in this house
Remembering my spouse
Now I’m crying on the floor…
I’m so down
Cant walk around town
Everybody knows that tone
I've been siting on my bed 
With the cell in my hand
Waiting for her to call my phone…
This is the end 
I don’t understand
She is no longer in my life
She aint here to hold my hand
She don’t want to be my friend
She no longer wants to be my wife…
I’m so…I’m so