How Do I Say

Written by: Travis Johnson

it seem like the more I wanna tell her
the more things get better
but Im not getting happier 
and I don’t wanna put it in a letter
so how do I say 
that I think we should be over
and I don’t wanna hurt her
or give her the cold shoulder
I really love her 
But the love aint the same
There’s nobody else
Im jus ready for a change
And my heart is filled with love
Jus not for her
Even though when she’s around 
She keeps me warm like fur 
When she’s asleep I stay up
wondering what to do
and I don’t wanna put everything on the line
and come out being a fool
she has everything that a guy wants
but she’s not the one for me
even though she’s so kind 
and this girl is so sweet
she tells me she loves me 
and only me
but when we’re together our love is like
a new born baby without a heart beat