Can You Help Me

Written by: Travis Johnson

I’m looking for love
In the wrong places
Its being going on too long
But I didn’t want to say this
I’m loosing my mind, I’m cruising the line
I jus want a girl to teach me the basics…
This is a thing
That I know fo’shore
I don’t want no girl
From the back door
I want an independent lady, one I can call baby
And she tells me she loves me much more…
I'm searching so hard
And I’m reckless
Bad girls want me
They got me careless
Where’s the good girls, one I can give her the world
One I can give my affections…
So if anybody out there 
Can you hear me? 
These are my demands
And let me make it clearly
She has to be a real nice women, her body is a good one
She has to know there’s no reason to fear me
She has to know
That shes special
I need her to be 
Real romantic and sexual
She has to be always in the mood, to please me she knows what to do
And she's never disrespectful
That’s it that’s all
That’s what I'm seaching
Until I find her
I guess I will be hurting
I’m searching real hard, I’m praying to the stars
Now its time 
To close the curtains