My Crave

Written by: Brooke Haley

Craving for that embrace 
Craving for that affection that is real and safe 
Awaiting for my senses to explode with his presence
To smell , see, and inhale the masculinity and beauty of God's creation
I crave that security i feel deep within his arms
Oh how my hope runs free along side my faith that he is the one for me
The one I call my own, the king of my castle the Heir to my throne
Take me so I can disappear in happiness and dwell in a love so deep it questions my doubts and secures my prayers
With every breathe I take I hope , pray, and wish for the fantasy in my mind to become my reality
Where my worries and my troubles cease
And this weight I bare becomes nothing more than a story I tell
The gift of a sexy, charming, responsible, and confident black man is all I need to make this puzzle we call life complete
I see you so clear as if my reflection was made with you, intensifying this hunger in me, so for now I must wait but this Crave has become my addiction!