It's the Hardest of Times

Written by: James Loggins

A man just sold his truck today;
A car he has had since high school
The buyer pays him a check for $22,000 and then drives off
The man looks at the check in his hand and spits in the dust
It will help out a little with his debts, but it does not matter
Because it is the hardest of times

A young man picks up garbage off the highways
So he can help his family get by
This is not the only job he has
He works as a bartender at a club in the evening
While his fiancé works at the local diner
Because it is the hardest of times

A manager at the automotive parts plant sorts through the mess of paperwork
That lists his employees on the verge of unemployment
He has known half these men and women for over twenty years
But he shares their pain and fear
Because of the pink slip he got that has his name on it
It is the hardest of times