Written by: Travis Bonnell

until i was eight 
i thought you were another man
raised by him taught by him
but i did not understand
i didnt look like him
nor did i think
that it felt real
then in a quick blink
he was gone too
me and my brother 
us with just our mom
to two little kids
they think they did wrong
why did he leave 
and is he coming back
later on i found out 
i had nothin to do with that
and nothin to do with him
from then on out
i had to figure out
what my real dad was about
then i found out quick
that he wasnt about a thing
only care he had
was where was his next drink
but i tried to make it work
for the next seven years
but when my grandfather past
is the first time you brought me to tears
you told me it was my fault
i couldnt believe my ears
that was the last time
i talked to him for years
then my grandma past
and i seen him again
i tried to give him a hug
a sorry for our loss
but he just ignored me
a line again he crossed
askin me why
my mamma was there
unlike you dude
she's there because she cares
unlike you
your absentee ass
go back to the things you do
dont contact me
and dont ask how ive been
cuz know til you gone 
now im absentee til the end