Take an action

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

When I walked on the street my known knew that who am I?
When I commit something wrong they note and complain my try,
when I travelled into a different area where I am known a stranger,
I like to exaggerate my personality to gain extra and never feel danger,
My gossip is humorous, conversation is welcoming others not cry.
Who am I, where I come from, what do I do they love to know?
I created climax to find a place for growth to walk faster or slow,
Nobody objected me until, I didn't ignore or criticise someone,
or someone suspects me when he found that I'm speaking a lie.
people ignored me they were willing to know my position is how high?
If I feel sick in an area or my progress is blocked I can move for change,
If I fail to learn one thing I can move to learn other for a different arrange,
actually I failed when I stop to learn or walk into a different direction,
I failed when verbally I talk much and don't believe to take an action.