Written by: Tevin Ta

 M y voice is sinking and my words won't come out
 I ’m bleeding from the inside until the blood find its way out
 N obody is by my side but a bottle of pills
 I  quit taking them but this pain I have to kill
 N obody loves me cause I'm not good looking and charming
 E verytime I tell a girl I love her, why do I always put myself in harming
 W henever everything is going fine, it soon becomes low
 M y stares then becomes blank and I'm starting to lose control
 W hen I leave the house, I put on a force smile
 W hen we hang out I make everything worthwhile
 T hen it's back to the house as I begin to descend
 P ain was from the start and now nowhere does it seems to end
 I  believe in my faith, it got me to recover from being a drug fiend
 N ow its slowly fading as demons are trying to intervene
 T here are good days but bad things happens between them
 M elancholy clown as the stage lights begins to flicker and dim
 I s it really a dark force that is teaching me hate??
 A nd wants me to lose my very own faith
 I 'm sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining all the time
 B ut this is what I'm feeling & Im trying to cope in form of rhymes