Who am I What I am A friend

Written by: Katrina Faagata

Moist of tender echoes in thine heart
Embrace with Your Fragrance Aroma kisses;
Blinded my skills-weaken my strength engaged to start;
Wondering repel in confusion the sizzling sound of fire; 
Reasoning my doubt of BLAME;
Undemanding attraction second hand sparks require;
True hunger lies of truth.
Make believe sanity awaken to pass it thru;
Why? Why? OH! My;
To be invisible to survive and yet thy hand distance with your desire.
Don’t blame eagerness to thy heartless feeds;
Amongst Yesterday the world of choices I’m about to receive 
Who am I? What I Feel,
In your defying eyes * I am for what I am;
No other but a friend in time to please.