A Day Off

Written by: Peter Brown

I'm not going into work today
I'm taking a day off to rest,
I've been feeling under the weather of late
and really not up to my best.
I've taken some of my holiday
I didn't want to go sick,
As sickness can bugger your prospects
when it comes to promotion real quick.

I don't think I've got the man flu
my head is perfectly clear,
It's something to do with internals
and could be quite serious I fear,
I've got a touch of arthritis
damaged liver and kidneys as well
New ailments are not unexpected
but on something I don't want to dwell.

I generally feel better in summer
when the sunshine warm's up my bones,
I can move about a lot freer
which lessens the volume of groans,
My liver and kidneys are working
but not really up to the mark,
I really must look on the bright side
as the future could really be stark.

I'd love to play with my grand kids
and roll about on the floor,
But that would be really stupid
as rising will be such a chore,
The best I can do at the moment
is have them sit on my lap,
So I can read them a story
before I need a long nap.

In summer we go for a walk in the park
so they can smell all the flowers
With stick in each hand I toddle behind
so a five minute walk lasts for hours.
They really make me so happy
all playful and so full of fun,
When flying a kite in the warm summer wind
or lazing about in the sun.

But "Granddad" is not all that mobile
his joints just don't want to play,
He'd rather be young fit and healthy
than acting a statue all day,
Please don't think I spend my time moaning
or whinging to any degree,
I always do look on the bright side
as there are people in worse states than me.