Written by: Jordan Rasquinha

For every war fought for petty issues
For every bullet penetrating  man’s tissue,
For all the men fighting for the land they represent
Remember,  that all men on earth are children of the same ancestral parent

For every drop of water we waste
For all the food we buy just for the  pleasure of taste
For every grain of rice carelessly thrown
Remember, the poor child starving in lands where crops cannot be grown

For every whistle blown demeaning  a woman
For all the nasty comments disgracing a woman
For all the in-humane crimes committed in lust for a woman
Remember, every man was once born of a woman

For all the money that is corruptly sought
For every innocent man, for no reason shot
For all lies, big or  small
Remember, in the end,   in front of  The all-seeing God,
on our knees we’ll have to fall