sea life

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Sea Life 

What I see is not very much, a Formica table 
greasy plying cards and dirty finger nails.
It is like being stuck in a deep valley between 
green waves; tomorrow will be the same and 
my ignorance is as the flat map on the wall that
 shows oceans and land but nothing more; in 
the corner of the map is writing something
 idiotic in Latin: “navigation is more important 
than life. “Valparaiso and Buenos Aires names 
on the map, harbour bars are the same a dirge 
of empty, laud music and idle lips is what I see, 
just like a Formica table greasy playing cards, 
dirty finger nails; clunking fists hitting a table 
in impotent triumph… and nothing more but 
endless gossiping about fun last time ashore.