Petals in the Wind

Written by: Noel Villarosa

Petals in the Wind

As the morning breeze whispers in the sky
Blowing fragile petals and leaving the tree
For someone lounging underneath would sigh,
“Petals in the wind take me into a thrill”

A flimsy looking old man
Pensive for the good old days
Would wish to intertwine
With petals in the wind drifting astray

A girl in search for a long lost love
Still hoping for a spark in her young heart
Graciously singing silent notes to prove
Those petals in the wind grappling with songs never heard

When love dies and silence grows so profound
While the wind stop breathing
Will gather those in vain searching
To scatter and to find rest into the ground
Like petals spaced apart from the wind

By: Noel N. Villarosa
24 January 2013