Written by: lucky okoedion

Lousia, what happened to you,
Tell me? Your dimensions are on a boom
But you used to be tiny
when I last saw you. “when you last saw me,
right? When you last saw me thinking tiny,
You can bet that’s the case. When I couldn’t think free”.

But you now have two moulds of breasts
On your chest. What caused the changes?
“Are you intimidated that I no longer feel in fear’s nest
when I should make eye contacts? Get off the edges,
I’m a big girl now. Wake up to the reality.
I now ride on the high horse of possibility.

Your problem is what changed about me
that my landscape no longer lack
the twin bulging moulds of duty and patriotism
that the river Niger is no longer on a dim
that it doesn’t meet the Benue any more for no reason.
Just save yourself the troubles and say I grew out of the sack.