She Still Remembers Me

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

She Still Remembers Me She glances at me with a sparkle in her eyes Her body frail, weakened by a disease that robs the mind I became so grateful but to realize She still remembers me after all this time Her picture rests on top of her nightstand So many years have passed since it was taken Tears flow into a silent cry as I try to understand Where have all the years gone, am I mistaken I remember when she used to read me bedtime stories So I could sleep with the angels each night She always had a way of comforting me from all my worries The way she hugged me so tight She was always there and sacrificed her life for mine Always made sure I had everything I needed to grow And I just know that Jesus was watching the whole time Waiting up in heaven to comfort her soul She smiles at me after hearing my voice A sense of comfort is expressed on her face Her eyes are lit up with so much joy Showing she still remembers me and our love embraced