Moon Said To The Sun

Written by: Louis Borgo

Moon said to the Sun, 
Have you ever heard of a rising of a; Son.
Rising; like no other dynasty a sure sight to watch.

Come take flight.
Unparalleled to any dimension that decide to go Ape, 
What a species, 

Like a horizontal that meet's no parallel to meet one dimension 
In size, and or shape and left turn to speechless.
And rising; it shall come.

It shall be name Orion, 
A warrior like no other, known for such things as hunt and moon, 
Peace; grace the sky.

My son Orion; 
This shall be the beginning of a dynasty, 
Known only as the Sun and Moon Dynasty, 

Let the Bronze Age grace the heaven for years to come, 
And star to the Milky Way shall one day form, 
What is being?