The sun that poured wisdom brightened our days,
The moon that shone overnight straightened our ways,
Queen of queens, innocent soul purely hearted,
A heroine in our lives has departed.

Had a tongue that was filled with laws of kindness,
No one matched with you your highness,
Who is worth to try on the crown you wore,
Built castles to the seeds you sow

Your weapon of vengeance was to keep the silence,
Peace and calm thoughts that envied violence,
Armed with words of truth,
That shaped our childhood to the days of our youth.

You quenched the thirst of dry souls, 
Warmly welcomed both friends and foes,
Rightly imparted advice to those in need,
Open minded you were and nothing you hid.

The grave has grabbed God’s given gift,
With thanks and praise His name we uplift,
For making us sons and daughters of the queen,
Queen of queens, what a great ruler you’ve been.