Echo In My Dream

Written by: Donna Jones

The voice that returns my scream strangely haunts me
Among the tall pines that stand straight guarding the mountains I see
It now sounds somehow familiar as I listen to it shatter the silence of the morning
As the echo brings my scream back to find me before the sun has finished rising

Beauty draws me deeper into an unknown vastness alone
Realizing now I no longer know which way is home
I frantically cry out hello can any body hear me, hear me, hear me
My cry playing back to me with an eerie melody

Confused and scared I sit upon a rock and submit to my fate
Observing here all things live in harmony finding no reason one another to hate
Somewhat peaceful and quiet now consumed by the magic of this place
The leaves dance and whirl across the forest floor as if each other to race

As my mind separates that which is real from the image in my dream
My ears fill once more with the sound of that terrible haunting scream
With sweat on my brow and my heart pounding with every beat
The echo reaches that place where dreams and reality meet

Upon awakening I find myself safely at home
The echo in my dream having claimed forever this night alone

┬ęDonna Jones