Beg, A Shadow Poem

Written by: Seth Shirey

God... I see you, You see me, God,
Go away, Please stay, Ill pray, My curse
No god, Jesus, Come back, Normal?
Ill justify, Get high, You will ask me, Why? Why try?
All the same, What you see has already came,
Put to shame, By misery, Shallow to my game,
Ill quit, So you will, God, Are you there?
Take my ink, I love you, Please stay, I wont run,
I wont cave, God, Make me brave, Satan's slave,
Buried alive, Slighted, My scars don't go, Everything is slow,
I feel, No, Promises, No, I break, Just a little late, The clouds,
They are shown, But I can't reach, No more tears, God is here,
Help me, Please help me, I can be smacked, Be shoved, No more love,
But you, Please, Dont leave, I need you so bad, These thoughts keep going,
Even when you stop, Things go bad, Stop my breath, You made me,
Till' death due us part, Split, Admit, Ill still love, Go above,