Poetic Hash

Written by: Owen Yeates

I would like to tell you of when I was a boy
A meal granny made that I did enjoy
A recipe that is not too brash 
That favourite of meals the corn beef hash

The recipe I would like to relay
So you may try it on cold chilly day
A winter warmer for your tea
With a twist of my own there has to be

You will need tins of soup 3 of veg 3 oxtail
Empty into a pan as big as pail
Then add three onions medium in size
Then you’re on your way to a culinary prize

A teaspoon of both chilli and garlic paste
Then salt and black pepper to add to the taste
Lots of potatoes cut in large pieces
Stir as you’re happiness truly increases

About three pints of water then bring to the boil
Cover with a lid no need for tinfoil
Once at the boil turn down to a simmer
When you eat this you will not get slimmer

When the tatties are cooked it time for the corn beef
They removed that key oh what a relief
A ring pull you use to open the can
Lay the meat down and carve if you can

Large chunks are nice but small ones will do
Then throw them into the glorious brew
Lastly you’ll need some nice crusty bread
To dip in the hash so you will be well fed

Serve the hash in a bowl and grab a soup spoon
Sit down and enjoy morning nigh time or noon
By a warm fire with family around
I tell you it’s the best meal I’ve ever found