Broken Smoke

Written by: Sevired Sevired

  The shisha lays warm, and shattered
The bowl empty, the floor wet,
Embers hissing as water seeps into its core.

  Before it's demise, it's smoke drifted between us,
Our lips pulled the flavor from its heated center,
Silly gurgles for my efforts, silent bubbles for yours.

  A cold night, a warm hand, words between us,
Time and smoke ebbing, swirling, drifting.
Our eyes sparking a heat greater than the coals.

  Sharing a pipe warm, and indulgent,
My lips tasting the residue of your lipstick,
Fingers linger on one another, as we pass the stem.
  Hearts race courtesy of nicotine, blood infused with 
Chemicals of our creation.  As we move closer to each
Other forgetting the narcotic between us.
  Bodies entangled, whispers loud in our ears, hands
gripping flesh, mouth gripping lips, movement
wild, uncontrolled,perfumed skin tingling.
  Undressed, rampant breaths, heat and smoke
Rising, not from tobacco and coal, but from 
Friction of skin, warm and volatile.
  Passion in waves, reckless arms and legs thrashing
Knocking ourselves into the prone.  A careless move,
Teetering glass and aluminum, tipping to a crash. 
  The shisha is shattered and warm,
The bowl empty, the floor wet,
The embers hiss as we cool next to each other.