Tommy Cooper comedian and failing magician

Written by: Seren Roberts

Caerphilly is a small town
Famous for its cheese
Has a castle looks like its falling  down
With a Moat around with geese

Outside now stands a large Statue, 
It needed to be big he would boast.
Thats what the nature of this man
Big, but stupid loved by most

Its a statue of Tommy Cooper
Comedian a magician that fails
Wore a Fez as his trademark
Born here in Wales

The sculptors name is James Done
A great friend of mine
Has a wicked sense of humour
Smiling  all the time

Jim isnt Welsh boohoo
Though he's lived here a long time
Regards himself as proxy Welsh
Though his accent sounds like Tyne

The day Tommy's statue was presented
Was done by Sir Anthony Hopkins no less
Who mentioned he would have loved 
To have met Tommy in the flesh

Now it stands there for all to see
The larger than life comedian 
Well done Jim your Bronze is f.c.
Can even be seen in *Torfaen" 

The link goes directly to the Tommy Cooper site showing pictures of the statues. Mentioning James Done the sculptor.
Torfaen (torfine) is an area next to Caerphilly
f.c.   First class

Dated 23 January 2013