The Mister

Written by: Mich Elle

from A, it goes to S,
the alphabet between are far, it cannot attached,
it is hard to compared,
but in time I do learn,
that my gentleman,
that my very nice man,
that my man,
are far too hold,
but in time,
i put believes,
that from A, 
i hope to reach S,
that if S is the mister,
please tell me.

he is this number one dream man,
and one of a kind,
but i am not a woman,
that can fit him,
even i pray too hard,
even i changed too much,
because he is the first capital,
that i cannot to be flirt with
as my sin is mine, and he hold his.

he is someone that just too sweet,
in his own way that i never thought i can be attracted with,
but i think he might be him, 
even there is one or two differences,
as long my belief is the same,
that religions can bring us together
i put 75% to trust on him

but those feelings are the great emotions,
that one day i am afraid that i would regret,
or should i wait for a little time?
that God might pity on me,
for until now i keep pushing away,
the diamonds that i thought is a jade,
where i need to put my yin and yang and the forecast,
seal it tight with my hopes
and put away my doubt.

and the Mister,
i can only choose one,
for I hope you can be the one,
either you are the A, or you are my Mr.S,
please don't make me wait
because the last thing i would never regret to do,
is to choose between two,
until in the end,
it never be any of you.