The Sun Will Shine Again

Written by: Titus Kirega

A great storm came and your world was left in the dark, You tried your best but you failed to leave a mark! You stepped that thorn Now your heart is torn... You're questioning why you were born! Just remember, the sun will shine again! Dont let your teardrops fall like rain! Stay strong, avoid the growing pain. Those dark clouds will eventually move on Soon that pain will finally be gone. Its not a promise Thats just the way it is- Tough times dont last forever Tough people never say never! That heartache will soon go away All you need is to constantly pray And hope for a better day Because soon, and very soon, the sun will shine again! Faith must reside in you For some days the sky will be blue And others the sky will be dark! Those times When the sun may fail to shine through Always find strength inside of you to hold on to! So when you're hanging in there in the dark- Wait in faith for that spark, For its obvious, the sun will shine again! -Titus Kirega