Written by: Priscilla Cruz

Though the sky grew dark
I was never afraid
Though the shadows dance 
towards me
I no longer fear it
Though horror chases me
I don't fight alone anymore
A torrent of emotions
Play across the walls of my 
A cascade of thoughts
Flood my mind
Hiding away a secret
Not wanting the world to see
How weak I really am
There's a song, a voice, a hand
Someone trying to help me 
wake up
Calling to me, shattering the 
hateful illusions
I look up and see something 
Blindingly brilliant, illuminating 
everything behind me
I glance back.. and the 
darkness has gone
There, in the ashes of some old 
forgotten dream
Lies my smile, waiting to be 
There's nothing of pain left
We'll be a Light to others
Let's shine and show everyone 
We aren't alone.
A poem inspired by my 3 Twins