Boys To Men

Written by: miriam garcia

Photograph hanging on my wall of memories 
Keeping you young safe from a world moving 
To fast 
Boys grow into men not in my heart of hearts
You still remain boys were my arms kept you safe
Now my prayers protect you my faith follows you 
A mother s love goes with you 
I pray that my love follows you in every thing 
You do remember to do unto others as you would
Like to be done unto you  
Respect to get respect when faced with adversity 
Turn the other cheek 
When worst come to worst walk away 
Remember my love and god  to see you threw all 
The bad walk in faith in all you do  
Humble your self for pride destroys the strongest of men
Put love first for hate will incarcerate your soul
Work hard for all you do for nothing is hand it to you
Lead with good examples and good values 
For the young look up to us to do what’s right 
Remember these things that comes from the heart
As you walk into manhood a good man honors 
God first and respects his mother and father 
As you boys turned into men before my eyes 
I have to say you are the best no matter what 
you will always be my boys 
Keeping the peace in your life 
Near our far I am here and there 
Moms love is every were you are