My Cell Text Car

Written by: miriam garcia

I am standing here screaming from the top 
Of my lungs why don’t you see me
What’s wrong with you people 
Hello I am in your face 
Is this a joke gone wrong 
The last thing I remember 
My cell text car 
Then lights out pitch black
Then back on again 
I was behind the wheel 
Back flash on my way home
I here my text ring I answer 
It only took three letters to lose
I here a loud voice don’t text and drive
To little to late 
I should of listen 
My cell text car 
Like so many I have taken a life 
It could have been prevented 
If I only did what the billboard 
A head of me said 
don’t text and drive 
My cell text car  
I took the text and failed 
Now I am here more dead then alive 
My cell text car