Your Hurts Are My Hurts

Written by: Michael Todd

Ever since the mid '80s 
when I saw your tiredness and stress
and how much you cared for Claire
I've been able to feel what you feel time and again.

Even now, though far away,
whenever I hear of your aches and pains,
your sleeplessness and depression,
I still feel such empathy towards you.

In fact, truth be known,
Many times I get quite down, even sick
when I know you are not doing well
and sometimes I pray to take on your burdens.

Other times, I almost want to ask God
for this deep in my gut burden to be removed,
especially when I know that prayers
are the only action I can take on your behalf.

Today's news makes me so sad.
I just want to come get you and take you away
to a warm and comfortable place
far from your worries so you can rest and heal.

But, I'm no longer allowed to care for you.
I'm only an old friend who is very concerned
and not your newlywed husband
who I'd hoped and planned to be by now.

To say that Time heals all wounds
will not be true for you and me
as I'll always feel deeply
for whatever you are going through...

Your hurts will always be my hurts.