3:42 Without You

Written by: Michael Todd

It's three forty two
And I'm feeling blue.
Saw you yesterday
And can't sleep without you.

If you were here
I'd simply cozy up to you
Stroke your face and hair
And fall back to sleep.

It would be a worry free sleep
Because you'd be next to me.
You'd be warm and safe
And I'd gain the strength to go on today.

But your desire to love only your little one
Has left my mind and heart undone
And I'm sleepless in Charleston
For yet another night, oh well.

If you had told me your heart was too small
To love us here too then perhaps
I wouldn't have this heartache at all
And I'd be asleep now, not suffering so much.

All I wanted to do when I saw you
Was kiss you, hug you, touch you
And never let you go again,
But your happiness is more important than love from this man.

Well, it's four forty five and I'm starting to cry,
Will be up in two hours anyway,
Sleep doesn't matter, it's just another day
And I'll survive it somehow, someway.