Cleaning the Frig'

Written by: Donna Jones

Well I cleaned out my refrigerator today
The things I found there I'd rather not say
The cost of this stuff what did I pay
Now here I stand throwing it away

The milk turned sour way too soon
Thick enough now to use a spoon
I wonder if honey does really ruin
This is going to take me at least until noon

What is that all covered with fuzz
I can't even remember what it was
The colors there are really strange
To throw it out pronto I will arrange

Oh that's the ugliest color of green
That I believe I have ever seen
I doubt this bowl will ever come clean
The mold growing there looks down right mean

Next come the vegetables in their bin
I would never have believed the shape they're in
No prize at the fair could they now win
Get them out quickly I shall begin

Well here I stand this afternoon
With a sink full of dishes I must do soon
A new shopping list hangs on the wall
Because in my refrigerator remains no food at all

┬ęDonna Jones