My Husband

Written by: Jonalane Garcia

My husband is the man whom i cant live without
He gave me love and joy,and makes me feel proud
I miss the way he laugh, the way he talk
the way he kisses and hug me a lot .
We always drive around the city of ZC
Until we find a perfect place to hangout
I miss our picnic time and the way we pig out
Until we are full and hear our own burp.

Even if sometimes we quarrel a lot
God knows i never meant to hurt the one i love
I miss the way he console me and tell me
that everything will gonna be alright.
I know me and my husband
Are two people that are not alike
That is why we need patience for us to adjust
But he will always be,God's greatest gift into my life.
Inspite of our differences
We still choosed to tie our love with a knot
And we have no idea where fate will goin to lead us
But one thing is for sure,I'll stay with this matter what.