Alongside Agony

Written by: yasser rhimi

Provided that I no longer sigh
Any bloodcurdling curses
Whereby I have to flee my ease:
Neither my voice, nor my tongue,
Nor the deep sleep in my skin
Do save me power for this dimm’d wrought trip.
Then, needless to cram my dreary lyrics
With the bird songs of painful nights;
As no time is there for me to tear
Wicked pages in people’s awful pride.
Shall I cede my cosmic glimpses 
Striving overly those folk myths;
Or maybe keep closely every single far
Glittering dream by my tender side?
It is only when I sing the nightfall
Must the fierce wall disappear,
Dancing by those dusty fractures
Splitting all its standing rocks.
Save my grief I can nothing grieve
Back to the endless road of hope;
Where no fuel still rises waging
Warlike screams of my wordy brief breath.