Written by: Susan Clark

The moon's light played over the ocean one night.  The cry of an albatross could be heard as he flew by.
Sweet blue eyes gazed up into a beautiful face, a warm smile to go with it.
Naked baby girl abandoned upon the sandy beach.
Tall nude Lady with long blonde hair picks up this little babe gently, quietly singing as she did so.
Smiling into this little girl's face she tells her, "Little girl whose soul is as bright as the sun, do not be afraid my little one.'
Making her way out into the ocean's surf while carrying this little babe, this lady's torso formed into an itself into a graceful iridescent fluke.
"Do not fear the ocean my sweet," said this Lady as she submerged  while gently covering her mouth and nose-breathing air into her little lungs. Then this little one was able to breath on her own accord.
While making their way into caverns, distant music was heard.  One of these Lady's sisters was playing the lute.
Making their way onto dry ground this beautiful Lady and newly acquired daughter's eyes beheld a great city.  The city shimmered like a gem. There was coral intertwined with beautifully carved slabs of stone. Strange structures completed wtih the decorative carvings of abalone.
Seated upon a throne that had been made of pirate's gold, the Lord and Lady along with her sisters accepted this little baby girl without question. They were horrified at the thought that this young life might not have been if she had not been found.
A mother seal let this little baby nurse along side her own pups.
Then this baby girl was placed in her bed, an old discarded tortoise shell, its insides covered with rich furs from seafarerss of long ago.  A gift made apparent for this little girl who was able to generate warmth likened to golden sunlight- sunlight which radiated from her tiny body.  All were pleased, this was to be this little girl's home now where no harm would come to her again... thanks to a divine lady whose love could not be denied.