Cupid's Thorn


Cupid, a demigod of earthly lust,
Lethal bull's eye impassioned thrust.
Cherub's thorn lances deep mine breast,
Burgundy flows down a stung chest.

Pluck thus heart-string softly tender,
On mine knees I resignedly surrender.
Fragile mine heart precarious pose,
Submission sweet as a lovers prose.

Composed poetry with love's restrain,
Scribed calligraphy from impaled pain.
Fragrant sumptuous the scarlet slips,
Sentiments poised on angelic lips.

Droplets of blood descend bittersweet,
To soak earth barren at thine feet.
Blooming as it flourishes and grows,
Beauteous nosegay of scarlet rose.

Cleave yearningly this fleeting bouquet,
Hasten not thus genteel heart to betray.
Unrequited succumbs to poisoned thorn,
Evermore fatal a spurned lover's scorn.

 Drink deep from mine quim rose,
Lust evanescent where it grows.
Cherish love's essence savored divine,
Nectar as sweet as supple petal wine.