Seven Days Who knows

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Seven days it was so long ago
Your loving heart you then did show
Seven days it seems eternity
That you gave all of your love to me.

Seven days for you to understand
You hold my trust in the palm of your hand
Seven days how long the days do seem
Was it all in a seven day dream?

A dream or a fantasy who does know
Seven days and my love for you does still grow
A love gift from where it came who knows
Who knows from whence loves wind blows.

Who knows how the heart it does entrap
Who know why our lives do overlap
Who knows where these things will end
Seven days and my love I will still send.
A day for a year a year for a day
That what the Bible in scripture does say
So seven days or seven years, numbers count not
As every ounce of my love you have now got 

© ~GG~ 22/01/2013