Petals In The Wind

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Petals In The Wind

As the chrysalis splits open and squeezes out the butterfly
Its wings wet and wrinkled until they have the time to dry
As the bud bursts in the first warm sun of spring
Opens up its petal and accepts the bee without a ring.

As the blossoms open one by one to bloom and grow
Petals opening wide revealing all they have to show
Waiting their turn until it’s then their time to fall
As all in turn wither, and cover the ground as a shawl.

The petals slowly wither and dry as sure as the bee
Did his pollinating job so well and so beautifully 
The petal dries no longer needed, its job now done
It leaves the branch floats on the breeze, catches the last ray of sun.

As it floats with each gasp that Mother Nature blows
It twists and turns flirting with life wherever it goes
Till its trapped and it falls back to the ground in decay
Feeding back its mother earth, nutrients for another fine day.

© 22/01/2013 ~GG~

Contest Entry: Petals In The Wind