Roses and Friends

Written by: jim joyce

Roses blooming late in spring ,
 Fresh and green reach for the sky 
Wanting everything to make them sing
Rains come and go ,leaving the sunshine
 along the road to make it grow 

Gardeners reap the benefit of beauty and love
Cultivating  flowers like doves
 beauty lies in the attraction of hope and sky
Making friends with everyone with witty replies 
Caressing the earth , embodying the beauty that make them lie
In fertile ground ,my best colors I send 
Red ,red lips of colors fly
Reflecting the passion of  earth and sky

 Desiring to grow roses as reflections, cared  with love and affection 
 The gardener cultivates flowers to perfection
At times weeds  creep in ,attracted by foreign things
 alongside the road , Leaving you alone to wonder 
What they really wanted you to bring 

Some roses leave u wanting  more 
Than bitter leaves and growing pains
Fields of  colors, all restored
Fresh from harvest, fresh from the rain 
Till all that’s left to you in return 
is beauty, gained  in full measure,  lying  in vain