When my Heart Bleeds

Written by: Elaine Roy

 When My Heart Bleeds
By Elaine Roy

When my heart bleeds, it for something that can't be seen but only felt instead
Oh, how my heart feels the warmth, like the soft mist of rain 
Reaching into vast space , were everything is spend in the time between your heart and mine
Never letting our minds,  get caught up in heartack of our past
Letting wonder  fills our dreams and touch be our words
Never forboating the what if's and could be's, but instead we just letting our hearts speak 
Fear, would never have the chance to play upon our hearts and cause us to keep our deepest feelings, like buried treasure!
We would live our live's in the spender of passion , filling each other heart with awesome memories that our hearts create during of lives! 
At the end of our day, our eyes would always meet to bless eachother
For we  would  always reach to embrace , as we smile and say we are home!
My heart bleeds, for your touch that I long to feel !