Death to Death I Say

Written by: Debra Squyres

My mind has trouble wrapping itself around
incomprehensible thoughts of the inevitable.
Fighting against the extinguisher of life’s force
is embedded deep within this heart and soul.
Yes, though I walk through the valley where
this shadow dwells, deep within I know fear
should not be with me... for here I walk not alone.
My God has never yet forsaken me.. to fear.
Yet still, I want to lift my sword and cut off the
offending forces with certain blow, screaming 
Be gone! Be gone!  You wretched soul collector!
This one is not ready to go…this one is loved !!
This one …this dear one…this one is MINE !!

My heart and mind are out of sync with what
is truly meant to be and will be... selfishness
alone clinging to a soul that is ready to go.
Where joy no longer dwells within the skin
creased with time’s aging hands. Where is life?
Is it only in the inhale and exhale of breathing? 
When the mind no longer functions to allow 
the body to function properly should I be willing
to simply let go? The heart screams NO!!  
The mind understanding, but denies the thoughts
for another week, another day,  another hour

Death To Death I Say !!!