a sad Affair in India

Written by: jan oskar hansen

A sad affair in India 

Rape in India, those who thought it was a land of Ganges 
 and a Hindu paradise, will now discover that India is not
 much different from other countries, including the west .
a woman lost her life in the frenzy of sexual hatred against
 a class or a woman who was educated and not a slave of
ignorant men who think how a woman should behave.  
And the common cries blows through villages and cities: 
Kill them kill them.  And I say NO, because if we do we 
Become just like the thugs on the bus. They must be 
incarcerated as women are unsafe with these, kind of 
men in streets. But they are victims too by a system that 
disregard women as cattle; their hatred is social, and only 
by changing the system can women be safe, but only 
when it dawn on us that women are our daughters, 
wives and mothers