Power of Love

Written by: sasha martinez

Love making is the most powerful
Feeling two beings can feel at once.
As each body explores every inch of the
Other as they memorize markings
And the initial reaction to the lips that
Forms kisses, which tell stories of desire.
As each body seems to hold onto each other
And form into one body, molding,
While hearts beating the same
rate in a fast but melodic thump.
Fingers intertwined with others,
Arms twisted, and legs locked together.
Not knowing whose is whose.
Kissing each other with every ounce
Of passion that one person can possibly hold.
They move together as if they are
Dancing to the art of love not missing a beat,
Completely in sync with each other’s body.
As this act has come to an end each body
Explodes with an indescribable bliss.
Bodies still connected as one, but becomes
Limber due to the power of their love making.