Nette's Legacy

Written by: Joyce Johnson

"Wheels of goodby to summer's winding" way
Left such a bit of wonder on my mind.
These gems are some of Nette's grand phrases,
Amazingly unique and left behind.
It's not our place to ask where she has gone.
We only know we'll miss her on this site.
So few of us can write such words divine
That fill her pages for reader's delight.

Is this a true goodby or hiatus,
We all hope she has taken holiday.
Month of November her last posting here,
Though we know Nette has lots more to say.
Although sometimes we can't divine intent.
We read her flowing words with sweet content.

Inspired by Nette's sonnet "Wheels of Goodby"

I have used her phrases in the first line of my poem.

Dear Nette we miss you and hope you will be coming back. 
 I have always wondered
if you have a special dictionay in which you
find such unfamiliar words.
I would like to have one of those.

Whatever your plans, may they work out beautifully  for you.