Petals In The Wind

Written by: Deb Wilson

She lies in the breeze,her long tresses flowing.
So lost in the canopy of her mind.
Her soul sparks a flame and it sends her glowing.
Traveling on to see what she can find.

Nearby stands a garden of elegant measure.
Musical whispers float by the sweet blooms.
She hastens to gather each colorful treasure.
As she dips and glides into nature's rooms.

Seemingly effortless,she slides away.
Watching for sunbeams to light up her trail.
She dances the moment and soaks up each ray.
Her arms filled with bouquets that she can inhale.

On the wind now the petals are drifting.
Moonlight sonata begins to unfold.
Sun bids farewell as the starscape is lifting.
She's homeward bound with such tales to be told.

written Monday January 21st, 2013
By Deb Wilson  for Gail's contest