That Perfect Day

Written by: Therese Bacha

That Perfect Day
Became one of my greatest day
when me a mother today who has ended 
nine months of pregnancy waiting for a
sign sitting on the rocking chair by the 
window caressing my baby that was not 
yet born. 

Suddenly I felt the first Kick added 
was a pain an alert that my time was due
already prepared with my make up on wearing
a beautiful white satin night gown matching 
the slippers in satin with a white fur rose for 
decoration as if i wanted already to impress 
my little baby to be proud of me when his 
head emerges to see a first image white color 
as crystal as the water.

You my beloved son was born October 
18 at 7 30 PM just 2 hours after my 
entering the hospital as if you decided
enough living in hiding for 9 months 
you want to meet the outside world.

You were ready to grow up from day one 
your personality already formed since
you left your mothers womb and that was
minutes ago.

Nothing was going to slow you from growing
fast you wanted to share your future life 
surrounded by a family that would love you
cherish you respect you educate and stand
by you through your road of success in
your good times and hard times teach 
you how to walk how to eat how to drink
how to dress and grow up to remain
faithful to your identify .

You took some time to cry out loud 
but you were strong and persistent in
wanting to start living your cry echoing 
in the delivery room was heard as a sigh 
of relief born today a baby boy at last 
free from darkness and loneliness on
that clear perfect day.

You were ready to celebrate your birth
begging the doctor to place your head 
on your mamas bosom to rest in peace.

A mother and child's first encounter 
love and adoration was in the air.
Your tiny mouth searching for the
source of your feeding sessions 
over the coming month's.

Your eyes staring at that woman 
me your mother and in that look 
was already a thankful note.

Your tiny fingers moved caressing 
my lips with a warm touch
a re assuring smile made me forgot 
my pains as i embraced you
while my eyes were a blur 
from tears of happiness. 

Between us it was love at first sight
i was overwhelmed by your beauty 
in my inside emotions they were 
startled by what i sensed my sixth 
sense created in me an overflowing 
brightness that overcame any dark 
areas that might have existed
before you were born. 

You brought out my outside beauty
and richness in my inner soul my spirits 
were flying everywhere dancing like a 
ballerina which reached her climax of 
success by being applauded
by the audience. Oh! that perfect day
when you were born.

Oh! how much i had hopes to grow up 
together hand in hand and pour all my 
good values by educating you to become
a success and never to stop loving you
as my son. And you did. 
I never ever will stop loving you & that perfect day
is engraved in my heart.

                                           The Mother 
Contest of Dan Kearly             1/3/13
"One Of My Greatest Days       Therese Bacha
That Perfect Day."                   Win. No.1