i love you

Written by: alisa cook

in every life someone come's along that really touches your heart and soul.
they'er drifferent from anyother that has touched your heart before ......
and i have met this true heartfelt soul not in person but by everything alse
the sweet words he share's the laughter . and the thinking of me as his day 
come's to a end . 
i hope he know's how much he mean's to me ... 
i hope he hear's it in my voice . 
i hope he feel's me in his heart ,because i'm hoping him and i never part.
i hope will hang on as long as we can cause i truely am very interested in this beautiful man. 
i hope he see's me as someone who's strong although i'am weak ... 
he makes me hang on ... he bring's out my smile's and i feel so much love . 
i hope he knows i want him .
i hope i get him someday ! cause he's a good man.
i love you ~D.M.